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For six weeks, our days are filled with activities that inspire thinking, doing, and learning.  From conflict resolution, to math relay races, to science experiments, we give our students new tools to help them navigate their environment. It is our 30th Anniversary and we cannot wait for students to join one of our Dreamer Academies.  From developing businesses, to creating a food truck, to building a roller coaster, we have so much in store!  

Each day is unique

We Are breakthrough Louisville

Breakthrough Louisville hires and trains college students who have a passion for children and learning.  These young people become mentors to our students and can more readily relate to the trepidation of middle school years, especially in our small classroom environment.

Breakthrough Louisville is a BBB Accredited Charity. Click here to view our full report.

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We are a registered 501(c)3 non profit based in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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